CrockPot The Original Slow Cooker 2 Quart Review

Hello people of the internet wonders here I come with another review that can help you make a delicious meal without putting a lot of effort into it. I have the slow cooker for more than a year I love it so much. The slow cooker is black and has a cord which you connect to the electrical socket when cooking. There’s two modes the high and the low. You can make any grains you just put one cup into the cooker and then add two cups of water you don’t have to mix it just expands. Turn the cooker on if you put it in high it will be ready faster and if you put it in low it will take longer. If you put it on low you can leave it overnight you can add meat and whatever you like and leave it on low at night and it will be ready in the morning. It is very easy to clean and use and you don’t have to put a lot of effort just put in whatever you like put water turn it on and then you’re done. I like to use it because you don’t have to put effort into cooking and you can do other things while cooking and have a delicious meal ready at the same time. It’s great 😀 Thank you all for reading hope you find these reviews interesting.


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