Huawei Mate 9 Smartphone Review

Hello amazing people I am back with another review today I’ll be reviewing Huawei mate 9. I got the phone around eight months ago. It came in a black box it included the phone a charger ,a phone case and also a screen protector. It has 64gb I got it unlocked so I could go to any provider. The colors are bright the sound is really good. I got it in silver. It was great until one day the screen cracked a little bit when I fell. Then a week later I was using it and the screen cracked in half . I didn’t even drop it it just cracked while I was texting that got me super scared that it will crack even more. So I called to a few repair places that fix your phone and In California they don’t have those screens and they told me that they can’t replace it. So I am stuck with a cracked phone. It works well , but I don’t recommend buying it. If you do then you have to get a good phone case the first day because the one that they provide doesn’t protect your phone.


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