Morphe Brushes Review

Hello my amazing people I am back with another review. Today I’ll be reviewing the Morphe brushes M135,M209,M428,G13. These brushes are good quality they do not shed which I love. M135 brush is a bit bigger brush for eyeshadow, but I still love to use it because it is easy to put on the eye it is soft and doesn’t bother your eye. It has a wooden end which is a good grip and easy to use. M209 is a blending brush it is great for blending eyeshadows. This is a longer brush with a wooden end the brush is soft and fluffy. M428 brush is a bigger brush even though it’s showed as an eyeshadow brush it’s a little to big for that. I use this brush to put on highlighter it is a soft brush and it’s also wooden which is great it blends out the highlighter very well. G13 is the best brush I love it so much I use it for a lot of my eyeshadows. It’s metal and it’s very comfortable and great size for putting on eyeshadow it is my favorite brush of them all it is very soft and blends very well I definitely recommend this brush it is amazing for putting on eyeshadows.


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